World Cup Day 10 (Part 2)

Ten days of silliness has now passed since we embarked on this long and foolish undertaking. We’re pretty much a third of the way through the World Cup, and thus a third of the way through this odyssey of really, really bad Panini drawings, and so now feels like a sensible (?) time to take stock.

In the last ten days we’ve somehow ended up on the BBC News website, the Guardian website, we’ve been on local TV news, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Oxford, Heart FM, in print in various local newspapers, and on hundreds of websites from Iran to Italy to Holland to Belgium to Columbia to Brazil to, last night apparently, Mexico…

… so, er, hello if you’re from Mexico!

This is all pretty weird, but completely lovely and very surprising.  We had no idea this silly project would get so very out of hand so very quickly. Where will it end…? We’ll have to wait 21 days to find out.

SO: here’s a smorgasbord of today’s ham-fisted doodles. It’s been a, er, difficult day…


Not our strongest selection I’m afraid. Have I mentioned we’re not getting much sleep? Ah, Per Mertesacker looks a kindly sort, like an especially friendly and helpful neighbour. He’d help you paint your fence, would Per. I can only apologise to Mathieu Valbuena, Marco Rues and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for their pictures. Reus looks like Jack Nicholson’s Joker, and Oxlade-Chamberlain looks like a porcelain doll brought to life by sinister forces. Note: that is not what we were going for. Moving on…


A few points: I forgot to draw Robin van Persie’s teeth (sorry about that Robin), Fernando Gago looks about 140 years old (sorry about that Fernando), and Andre Schurrle quite simply looks absolutely nothing like Andre Schurrle (sorry about that Andre).

10 days down, 21 days to go.

205 stickers down, 434 to go.

I suspect it’s going to be very close…

Check back soon!

Alex & Sian


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