World Cup Day 10 (Part 1)

Good morning! Ah, sleep. I’d love some more sleep. More sleep would be great. But the thing is, there are tiny men waiting, tiny men who badly need to be drawn, or rather tiny men who need to be drawn badly. So onwards we plough, into the void of shoddiness, for another day of frantic scribbling. First up today, we have Argentina taking on Iran…


…meaning the grumpy frown of (a possibly rather jaundiced) Sergio Aguero, up against the gently grizzled Andrank Teymourian. I’ll be honest, I’ve drawn so many pictures now that I really have no idea if what I’m drawing looks like what I think it looks like, let alone like what it’s supposed to look like. I think that sentence made sense. I may be wrong. Like I said, I’m a trifle sleepy. The only thing I can be sure of is that we still cannot draw. Moving on… next up is Germany vs Ghana:


And – oh dear. Lukas Podolski is pretty shameful. I think our artistic “skills” are regressing at a truly frightening rate. And Andre Ayew we’ve somehow drawn with an impossibly small head. Ridiculously, impossibly small. This is awful. Awful awful drawings.

One more match tomorrow, and that is Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina…


…meaning the no-nonsense grimace of Emmanuel Emenike against the possibly-quite-ill Ediz Dzeko. He needs to take some Omega-3 tablets or something.

Bit sleepy. If anyone out there has had a chance to actually watch a match on TV, do let us know what it was like. All we see is paper.


Check back later!

Alex & Sian


One thought on “World Cup Day 10 (Part 1)

  1. Haha A.Sian and U.Alex I’m so happy for you, don’t know any scores but we are laughing as you draw on . Maybe If we get back in time I can help???


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