World Cup Day 9 (Part 1)

Drawing, colouring, cutting, sticking, drawing, colouring, sighing, cutting, sticking, sleeping, dreaming, dreaming of drawing, dreaming of colouring, dreaming of cutting, dreaming of sticking, dreaming of sleeping, waking, drawing…

And so on. Another day, another pile of disastrously bad stickers, and another bit of online loveliness/weirdness…

…courtesy of the Guardian, who were nice enough to use our stickers for a quiz. Have a go, and no cheating. I managed 10/10, while Sian inexplicably only got 7/10, despite drawing most of them… strange girl.

Anyway, let’s do some stickers. We start the day with Italy taking on Costa Rica:


Yikes, poor Daniele De Rossi… he looks absolutely appalled at something. Maybe he’s looked in a mirror and seen what we’ve done to him?  Feel for Daniele, he doesn’t deserve this. Up against him will be Keylor Navas, who as far as I can tell has a head the size of a microwave, and who here at least seems pretty sanguine. Unflappable, a good quality in a goalkeeper.

Next up, Switzerland against France…


…and this pair. Lichtsteiner looks about eight times more devious than in his actual picture, and Benzema about twice as impishly charming. Yeah, we’re still not very good at this.

Lastly, we have Honduras vs Ecuador…

168 167

…meaning we can say hello to Carlo Costly, who looks mean and moody and probably nothing like this in real life, but he is honestly pulling a very strange face in his sticker. So it’s his fault, really. Or Panini’s. But not ours. (…if it’s any consolation to him, he walks straight into our list of Three Most Awesome Names At The World Cup, along with Mix Diskerud and Boubacar Barry…) Ecuador’s resident frowner meanwhile seems to be Felipe Caicedo, who looks thoroughly scary and who is actually making me regret drawing him so rubbishly. What if he wants revenge?

Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a few, er, “shinies”…


…and do remember to check back later!


Alex & Sian


3 thoughts on “World Cup Day 9 (Part 1)

  1. Where are you getting the stickers from to copy them and why, as yet, have you not published any pictures of the stadiums ?


    • Hi! We’re just googling the Panini stickers from this year’s album and then copying them as best we can from the screen. We’re going to start doing the stadiums next week!



      • Aha ! Didn’t think it would be that easy. Expected Panini to be more protective of their copyright.

        Have you thought of trying to get nominated for the [url=]Turner Prize{/url] ?


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