World Cup Day 8 (Part 2)

Ah, England. Poor England. Bless ’em. I can’t bring myself to post yet another picture of Suarez, it just seems far too cruel. Anyway, we’re not here to lament such things, we’re here to look at very, very poorly drawn pictures of footballers, and as such we should move on to tonight’s final match, between Japan and Greece…


…and this pair of unassuming gentlemen. Okazaki looks like a nice chap, even after he’s been through the thoroughly unpleasant process of being drawn by us. Nakatomo seems a touch more businesslike. I can’t imagine him tolerating much in the way of horseplay or mucking about. I’ve been wrong before though.

And then we have the Greeks…


..who are packing mighty beards, just like the Greeks of antiquity. I think I’d rather spend an afternoon with Panagiotis Kone – who has a lovely pout – than his buddy Karnezis who, put bluntly, looks like a serial killer. Sorry chap, I’m sure you’re lovely in real life.

And here’s a smattering of today’s other travesties…


Some exciting hair here from Cuadrado, Baines and, especially, Welbeck. We’re not imagining it, his sticker really does look wonderfully mad. He’s a personal favourite for sure. I’m also quite fond of Kranjcar, who looks like “a little pixie” in Sian’s words. Alex Song is clearly wrestling with the existential despair brought on by stupidly getting himself sent off yesterday, while Jack Wilshere’s glare betrays his disbelief at Henderson getting in the England team ahead of him. Don’t worry Jack, it probably doesn’t matter now.

Another day is done… plenty more nonsense in the album, and a couple of slightly surreal interviews with BBC Radio Wales and then BBC Radio 2. Where will this madness end…?

171 down, 468 to go.

Check back tomorrow!

Alex & Sian


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