World Cup Day 8 (Part 1)

Ah, more craziness! From Italy…

…from Brazil…

…and from, er, Wales!

How very weird and wonderful. Against my better judgement, I’m also going to babble nonsense about stickers on BBC Radio 2 later this evening. Bit scary.

Anyway, onto tonight’s games! First off, it’s Colombia against Ivory Coast:


I feel sorry for James Rodriguez. He looks resigned to his fate, trapped in a tiny rectangle with a face he probably doesn’t even recognize. Pablo Armero looks on impassively. Yaya Toure (yes, that is him), wrinkles his nose in distaste at the rubbishness of his own drawing. Drogba’s steely glare betrays nothing, other than his lingering fury at being benched again (and, quite possibly, the rubbishness of his own drawing).

Next up (a bit of a big one, this) is Uruguay vs England. Now, we’re not English, but pretty much every one of our friends is, so you’ll forgive me for giving them a bit of extra attention:


Cahill: Lantern-jawed. Dependable. A soothing balm on your frazzled nerves. Wilshere: Spiky, lively, endearingly furious. And Baines: guitar-playing, Murakami-reading, non-conformist. Your methods do not apply to Leighton Baines. What a shame that he’s cut his hair off in the real world (see also: Modric, Luka).

And what of their opponents? Apologies if you’ve already seen this pair, but we’re lagging ever-so-slightly behind with the Uruguay team. Still, fear these guys:


Good luck to Joe Hart & co.

We’ll be back later with some Japan vs Greece flavoured hopelessness, and some other odds and ends. Check back soon!

Alex & Sian


3 thoughts on “World Cup Day 8 (Part 1)

  1. I love all of these drawings (and captions)!! Extremely charming! This project is a fun idea, baffles me why some commenters out there don’t “get it” and critique so seriously. =P


  2. I can’t stand football, and i’ve never read a blog before, but since your bit on Radio 2 I’ve been sitting here riveted by all your great pictures. I hope you are going to do an exhibition! Good luck with the remaining ones. Jo


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