World Cup Day 7 (Part 2)

Well, that was pretty crazy. Spain being rubbish, Chile being brilliant, BBC pundits being reasonably interesting, cats and dogs living together… and we still have one game to go this evening. Exciting times. Oh, how I’d love to actually sit and watch a match…unfortunately, I suspect that will remain an impossible dream for the foreseeable future. These little guys won’t draw themselves. Sian is soldiering on, heroically churning out shinies, stopping occasionally to nibble at some cold pizza. I flit around uselessly, a thumbnail of Ron Vlaar in one hand, increasingly battered album trailing forlornly from the other. I think I’m a bit tired.

I also really wish we could draw.

ANYWAY: here’s a wee round-up of some of today’s, er, “achievements”…


Benny is obviously a treat to draw. I love Benny. If you don’t love Benny, you should love Benny. Give Benny some love. And while you’re at it, watch your step around Roy Miller, who looks pretty damn devious. Don’t trust the man. But DO trust Ron Vlaar, who would clearly be the sort of person to stand proudly on the bridge of a sinking, blazing ship, ringed with a majestic halo of authority, calmly dispatching lifeboats and calming panicked boatswains.


A moment’s silence, please, for Luka Modric’s hair. I’m watching him right now, running around against Cameroon, with his boring new haircut, looking NOTHING LIKE Luka Modric. He could be anyone now, any old boring somebody-or-other. Boo. I’m furious.

Anyway, we’re a week in! And so far, we’ve done 154 stickers, meaning 485 left to go. Wish us luck…oh, and here’s some of our first attempts at some of the team pics…


Check back soon!

Love Alex & Sian


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