World Cup Day 7 (Part 1)

Good evening all! Another hectic day of  drawing teeny, tiny men while trying (and failing) to actually occasionally watch a bit of football…

ANYWAY: First up tonight it’s Australia versus Holland:


…meaning we get to draw Bane-Of-The-Corner-Flag Tim Cahill, and 50 year old Dutch master Arjen Robben. OH MY GOD, sorry, we’re watching this game while I’m writing this and Robben has just scored. That makes me happy. OH MY GOD, Tim Cahill has just scored an absolutely insane goal! This post must be charmed. Let’s see if there rest of these chaps can bag themselves a goal tonight…

Next up, we have Spain against Chile:


Oh man, drawing Andres Iniesta’s rictus grin was a lot of fun, though I realise now I’ve made him look a bit ginger. Apologies for that. Gonzalo Jara looks a little vague, like he’s just woken up or has recently had his entire memory wiped.

Lastly this evening, we come to Cameroon against Croatia:


Vincent Aboubakar (which is up there with Boubacar Barry as being one of my favourite names of the tournament) stares at us with benign and gentle affection. I feel safe around Vincent’s gaze. The same cannot be said for Denjen Vukojevic, who I’m quite worried might suddenly leer out at me from inside the screen, smashing the monitor glass before crawling towards me over my keyboard.

It’s a risk. Admit it.

Anyway, that’s it from us for now. Have some bonus shiny fun for the Spain vs Chile game…


Love Alex & Sian


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