World Cup Day 6 (Part 2)

I’ll be honest: it’s been a very strange day. It began with me blathering and utterly failing to explain myself on the radio in the morning, saw us on the front page of the BBC News website in the afternoon, and ended with our pictures (but thankfully not our faces) on the television (of all things!) a few minutes ago. Madness!

Much more important, though, are these chaps:


Mix Diskerud. MIX DISKERUD. What a name and, indeed, what a man, with his locks flowing with such abandon that they refuse to be constrained by the mere confines of the picture frame. Equally magnificent are Maroune Fellaini’s extraordinary bird’s nest and Ermin Bičakčić’s bonkers flat-top. This is one hairy trio.


Then we have Sergio Remero (content), Celso Borges (stern, possibly has a headache) and Asamoah Gyan (doing a tricky sum in his head). Fine men, all.


And lastly we have Rafik Djebboor, who might be about to burst into tears, and the mad, mad head of Fatau Dauda, who’s real sticker is at least thirty times weirder looking than we’ve managed to convey. Oh well, we tried. Then there’s this snazzy Bosnia-Herzegovina shiny, expertly rendered by Sian from the finest quality tin foil.


She’s a whizz.

That’s it from us for the evening… 132 down, 507 to go!



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