World Cup Day 6 (Part 1)

Apologies for the lateness, but life (and, in particular, the sticker-related madness that is slowly engulfing us) managed to get in the way somewhat today. Not to worry, let’s jump to it.

First up today, Belgium against Algeria…


Meaning the majestic noggin and immaculate grooming of Vincent Kompany taking on the piercing squint of Madjid Bougherra, who looks like someone trying to work out which subway train to get on in a strange city.

Next up, plenty of Latin colour from Brazil and Mexico…


…meaning HOORAY, we get to draw Willian and his excellent hair. Afros, we have quickly learnt, are fun to draw. And just think, we haven’t even tackled Marouane Fellaini yet. And then we have Rafa Marquez, probably contemplating whether to get himself sent off or not.

Tonight’s late game is Russia vs South Korea…


…which has provoked much excitement here, as it meant we got to draw Aleksandr Kerzhakov’s brilliant mix of combover and unfeasibly blue eyes. The man is an enigma. Park Chu-Young meanwhile has the thousand yard stare of a man who has spent a very, very long time in the Arsenal reserves.

Busy busy busy, must go and draw. If you want to see the levels of strangeness this whole undertaking has led to, have a look here:

Much love, check back soon!

Alex @ Sian


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