World Cup Day 5 (Part 2)

More wonderfully baffling coverage, this time from France…

…which, according to Google translate, says we have discovered “safer and cheaper ways to ensure success” in completing the album. Cheaper? Yes. Safer? I’m not so sure, certainly in terms of our mental state.

There was also a nice article from WhoAteAllThePies, where one commenter compared our drawing skills unfavourably to kindergarten students. Maybe we should use macaroni & glue?

ANYWAY, here’s some stickers:


Boubacar Barry is a name that just rolls off the tongue. Say it to yourself a few times. “Boubacar Barry.” It’s lovely. Maybe that’s what he’s thinking in the picture, mumbling his own name to himself again and again and again, in a loop, around and around…


Then we have Jordan Ayew, looking pretty pleased with himself despite (so far) failing to get much change from the USA defence, while Wilfried Bony actually (whisper it) looks a fair bit like Wilfried Bony. Could a kindergarten student do that? Could they? Could they?! (probably, yes)


And then we come to The Beast. The man, the myth, the Dothraki warlord that is Giorgos Samaras. Run, run for your lives. Victor Moses looks appropriately worried. Jozy Altidore, poor guy, has no idea he’s just torn his hamstring against Ghana. The smile pains me…

And lastly, Sian has excelled herself with this shiny of Fuleco, the World Cup’s official mascot…


I can’t speak for everyone, but everyone loves shinies.

Anyway, another day is done. 112 down, 527 to go…

Alex & Sian


5 thoughts on “World Cup Day 5 (Part 2)

  1. I need an Ozil. Can swap for a Gerrard. Any good? By the way, the French article tells us that yours is a more certain way of completing the album – although it probably is safer too, much safer than dealing on ebay or trying to get the missing ones from Panini themselves. Keep it up! Looking forward to the team stickers…


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