World Cup Day 5 (Part 1)

Things are getting strange… we are apparently a news story in Iran:

…and, er, Belgium…

…which is all very lovely.

Less lovely are some of our latest pictures. First up today, it’s Germany vs Portugal…


…meaning the easy charm and winning smile of Mats Hummels versus the pantomime idiocy of Pepe. Ah! He’s just been sent off while I’m writing this. Brilliant. Gotta love (hate) Pepe.

Next up: Iran vs Nigeria…


…and would you just look at Sunday Mba. Just look at him! The happiest, smiliest man in the world (cup). Peering at his lovely face has put me in a great mood, which unfortunately is not shared by Reza Ghoochannejhad. That man is clearly all business.

And lastly this evening, it’s Ghana vs USA…


…where it’s smiles all round! Christian Atsu’s cheery grin fills me with joy, while Tim Howard is a picture of contentment. Such a kindly man.

(NB: We were lucky enough to have some lovely visitors to our house from New York yesterday – our friends Jeffrey, Heather and Caitlin – and it seemed rude not to invite them to showcase their artistic skills by rendering their countryman. SO, this Tim Howard is actually Heather’s handiwork. Clearly, she fits right in…)


We’re past the 100 sticker mark. Check back tonight for more!

Much love,
Alex & Sian


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