World Cup Day 4 (Part 2)

It never ends.

Pens. Pencils. They’re everywhere. Paper. So much paper. Tin foil in the carpet. I shut my eyes and I see Angel Di Maria’s face, spilling into my consciousness. I think I’m tied. We’re both tired. We’ve drawn eight-six stickers in four days. We’re in too deep…

So here’s some stickers!

Pic107Pic103Pic100Pic104 Pic110Pic115Pic114Pic112

Where to begin? What the hell is happening with Thomas Muller? I just don’t know. I can’t begin to answer this question. Ozil is the stuff of nightmares. Angel Di Maria looks more like Angel Di Maria than Angel Di Maria does. Tired. So tired.

86 down. 553 to go.



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