World Cup Day 4 (Part 1)

Drawing, drawing, drawing. I just had a bath, and spent the whole time wondering why my drawing of Mesut Ozil looked so, so wrong. Oh well. Okay, three games today, featuring the following combatants…

First up, Switzerland vs Ecuador…


Gokhan Inler is a study in menacing intent, whereas Valencia looks like a stoic Uncle being slightly irritated by something a small child is doing in his newly decorated living room.

Next, France vs Honduras…


Lloris is unflappable, and looking possibly a little more like Wolverine than he does in reality. Palacios flaps his gums in disdain.

And lastly, Argentina take on Bosnia-Herzegovina…


Ah, Messi. Quiet, unflashy, totally focused on doing ALL THE GOALS. Hoping to stop him is the rather queasy Begovic. Rather you than me mate.

BONUS FUN: The front of the album has a few snazzy shiny stickers, which Sian has expertly rendered in tin foil. What a whizz…


Have a lovely evening, one and all, and thanks for visiting. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @CheapPanini. Thanks!

Alex & Sian


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