World Cup Day 3 (Part 2)

Great day! The lovely chaps at the Guardian were nice enough to mention us in their World Cup Show 2014:

And then the Metro did a little blurb about us too:

(although they didn’t mention Sian – who is a bit miffed – and they seem to think we’ve already finished, which is so far from the case as to be hilarious)

Anyway, we’ve made some progress, and are just about on track at the end of day three. Here’s some of today’s high/lowlights…


Palacios is his normal cheery self, Mascherano an utter travesty. Cavani is still the most handsome man in football despite our best efforts. I’m not talking about my attempt at Yohan Cabaye.


Drawing Suarez was great fun, but I can’t help but feel I missed an opportunity with Gervinho. I didn’t capture the almost supernatural weirdness of his forehead. Still, a strong day.

Day three done! 61 down, 578 to go….


One thought on “World Cup Day 3 (Part 2)

  1. Hi Alex
    nice job, I’m an Iranian journalist from Mehr News Agency (the second biggest one here) I wanna have a report about and have the page of Iran of the album. please contact me


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